Laser Hair Removal

Experience top-tier laser hair removal at ARLA Aesthetics in Orange, NSW, welcoming both men and women. Our advanced technology and skilled professionals guarantee a comfortable, effective treatment for enduringly smooth skin. Tailored to each individual's needs, we promise a seamless journey towards effortless, hair-free beauty. Discover the difference with our personalized laser solutions today

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  • Womens

    Consult & Patch test

    Between Eyebrows



    Sides of face

    Lip & Chin      

    Lip, Chin & Sides


    Half Arm  

    Full Arm

    Tummy (women's)




    Top Leg (front & back)

    Half leg

    Full leg

    Underarm & Bikini

    Underarm & Brazilian
    Top Leg & Bikini  

    Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm

    Half Leg, Brazilian & Underarm

    Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm

    Full Leg, Brazilian & Underarm

  • Mens

    Mens Chest

    Mens Stomach

    Mens Chest & Stomach

    Mens Brazilian

    Mens Half Back
    Mens Full Back 

    Mens Full Back & Chest

    Mens Full Back & Stomach 

    Mens Full Back, Chest & Stomach