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Suusmoon Lotion N 30ml

Suusmoon Lotion N 30ml

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Nourishing lipid rich spritz for the care of dehydrated, essential fatty acid deficient and acne prone skin

  • Regeneration of lipid dry skin
  • Softening and smoothing
  • Supports repair of skin barrier function
  • Ideal for acne tarda (dry acne)
  • Nourishing spritz for the whole body

Süüsmoon Lotion N feels like water, looks like milk and sinks into skin without leaving oily film. Enriched with omega 3 + 6 that are vital for essential fatty acid deficient skin.

Dry skin with barrier disorders require products with high oil content to restore natural balance. Süüsmoon Lotion N regenerates the natural skin barrier and supports the prevention of dry and neurodermatic skin. It is also recommended for the prevention of skin impurities and light forms of acne tarda.

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